Residential Project


The Residential Project is generally the last activity that participants undertake during their Award due to it being required to complete the Gold Award. It is also an opportunity to use many of the skills developed during the overall Award experience such as team work and leadership.


To broaden experience through involvement with others in a residential setting.


This is required for completion of the Gold Award. Participants are required to undertake a shared purposeful activity, with people who must not be their usual colleagues or friends and in an unfamiliar residential setting.

The activity should take place over a period of at least four nights and five consecutive days. In exceptional circumstances, the commitment may be spread over two weekends. In these circumstances, the same activity must be pursued over both weekends and must take place within the same 12 month period.

The Residential Project may be related to activities followed in other sections of the Award, for example a photography course having done photography for the Skills section.

Many of the Award sections I pursued remain my strongest interests today. The Tonga Project (to install a solar-powered water pump in a school) particularly influenced my future direction in terms of developing skills in a field of interest and providing an opportunity to have fun whilst helping solve people’s problems. I am now actively pursuing an engineering career with a long term goal of helping people from the Pacific region with sustainable technology.
Daniel Scott
Gold Award Holder, New Zealand
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